Babel Enterprise


Babel Enterprise 2.0 turns it in a dashboard for security management.

  • Ability to evaluate the compliance level of a specific regulation, such as, for example, LOPD in Spain, UNE-ISO/IEC 27001 and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) in USA corporations.
  • Able to implement software tests in order to verify the compliance of these policies.
  • Babel could evaluate the risks of managed assets (Version 1.1 did it also).
  • Babel evaluates the risks comming from outside. It has been integrated with Nessus and Snort, and Babel has ability to integrate with almost any aplication of this kind.
  • Babel also haves the ability to watch levels of service (SLA) and services disponibility, and business process. It has been integrated with Pandora FMS.
  • Management of security events reported by security assets trough integration with Pandora FMS, event collectors, Antivirus or AntiSpam. In this way, Babel could present and link these data already processed by each of the tools already mentioned, but never storing all "raw" information.

Babel presents all these information, using several reports (HTML y PDF), classified by domains views, areas, assets and groups.