Who is Ártica?

Artica ST is an Spanish consulting company oriented to IT security. It was founded in 2005. Artica is the central core of several OpenSource projects such as Babel Enterprise, Pandora FMS and Integria. Artica is a consulting company oriented to security, but this consulting services are based on the work of his creators, that were pioneers in Spain, working in R&D of OpenSource Security management.

Artica business provides consulting services to companies in industry, banking, Internet service provision and telecommunications business. Although Ártica is very attached to the developement of OpenSource software, Ártica is specialized in security management.

Ártica ST and Babel Enterprise

Ártica ST, as Babel Enterprise main developer, could offer his knowledge and experience for all kind of professional services such as:

  • Babel customization and new sources of data.
  • Development of new reports and views for the data analysis
  • We offer consultory, training, customized development and integration at all levels.
  • We offer an aditional warranty license and support. It will be directly offered by us. This aditional warranty license is compatible and complements the GPL2 licence.
  • Subscription service of remote updates of vulnerabilities, policies, regulations, patches, hashes, security news and events from Ártica ST website.